i didn’t remember the Spanish sun being this hot or this intense.  i didn’t remember suncreen not working.  i didn’t remember how wonderful the Mediterranean feels on a warm afternoon.  i didn’t remember just how good Spanish tortilla is.  i didn’t remember how much i love the culture, the people (i feel so comfortable here — they’re loud!), the architecture, the history, the wonderfulness of it all.

i’m loving it and plan on enjoying this place as much as i can before i go back home (did i really just call the school “home”?) tomorrow evening.  man, time really does go by quickly.

3 thoughts on “remember

  1. You are such a sweetie, and I hope you are a not too red sweetie! Ouch! That Mediterranean sun is definitely a hot one…

    Interesting that Spain feels like home. Next time you live in Eastern Europe or some such place and then visit Germany, it will feel like home as well. Interesting…

  2. How was Spain? Sad that it’s over? Oh, well. You’re still in fabulous Germany doing the Lord’s work for you there!

    And what pictures did you want? Mrs. Paroo type photos? If so, will do.

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