back again

so yes, i’m back.

so my second day back at work and i was sent home this morning.  traveling home i didn’t feel too well the whole time and my compadres were convinced that i was suffering from sun stroke (heat stroke or whatever you want to call it).  this morning after someone realized that even though i was at work, vacuuming the floor, i still wasn’t feeling my best, i was ordered home and told to drink a lot of water, even though the last thing i wanted to do was go home.

so i spent the next four hours downing too much water, falling asleep for approximately fifteen minutes only to be woken because my bladder was about to explode, and having to rush to the bathroom (restroom, washroom, or whatever you want to call it).  this cycle continued — them forcing water down my throat and making too many trips to the bathroom until i wanted to scream if i had to lay in bed any longer and decided that even though i don’t feel good i’m not sick enough to be in bed.

so after taking a walk, showering, and doing little things at my house, i’m here, in the basement office and i’ve spent far too long uploading pictures of my trip to Mallorca.  oh, and for all you English speaking people out there, i actually should be spelling it Majorca, but since i’m in Germany and bought my plane ticket through a German airline, i now spell it incorrectly (well, technically not incorrectly, but how Germans and Spaniards spell it).  it seems that for everyone else in the world this place has to “L’s” in it, but no, not for us.  somehow we had to make it just a bit more complicated and spell it differently.


so i was going to give a full review of my trip, what we did, how much i enjoyed it, and what i thought of the place, but i don’t think i will for a few reasons.  reason #1 is because i’ve been staring at this screen for too long and since i’ve not really done very much today i’m about to go out of my mind.  reason #2 is because after laying in bed all day and pondering all this i find that although some of what i could say about those who wear nothing at all to beaches could be somewhat witty and funny, at times i come across as rather brash and critical and since i’m in one of those moods, i find it best to just keep my mouth closed at this point.  i’ll keep all those funny little opinions to myself until i have my own column in the New York Times.  you can then send me all your hate mail and how you didn’t appreciate the most recent column and i’ll feel famous, k?

so i just read a book all about a columnist and i’ve decided that that’s what i want to do, can you tell?

but back to the point.

so no full detail account this time.  just know that Mallorca (Majorca) is beautiful.  the Mediterranean is incredible.  and the six of us who went had a jolly good time.  one of the best things about our time there was the bull fight we went to.  and as i said before, too much time has been spent getting these pictures online, so please, enjoy.

: )

3 thoughts on “back again

  1. I wish you could come home for a quick visit– not so much to help me paint as much as just because we really miss you and this year somehow feels very long when I think about you and how long you’ve been gone. *sigh* One more month and we get you back! (Are we allowed to be selfish with you for a while after your return?!?!)

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