nine days. 

strange to think that i arrived here almost one year ago.  it was hot then too, although i wasn’t prepared for warm weather since september 19th at home is a bit cooler than here on the Bodensee. 

i’ve started packing again.  this packing is different.  it’s exciting — i’m moving on again — but it’s a different kind of exciting.  it doesn’t have the “newness” exciting that coming to Germany had.  it’s the “i’m going back to a familiar place full of people i love” exciting.

it’s amazing how much you collect within just one year.  papers, notes, letters, pens, cd’s, clothing that wasn’t originally mine, etc.  i’ll be happy if i get home without paying extra for my luggage.

i’m really just rambling.  sorry.  i’ll let you go and i’ll get back to my packing.

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