14 thoughts on “going home

  1. tonight as i was walking, my fingers started feeling puffy and tingly. and so i held them up as i walked. and i thought of you and how you do that, too.

    and i really missed you.

    and i thought how glad i am that you’ll soon be home.

  2. Countdown.

    Bittersweet, I know. Wish it could be easy, but…

    Still, we’re all glad on this side of “the pond.” 🙂

  3. I miss your laugh, I miss your smile, I miss having you at church-I just plain ‘ol miss YOU! Hurray for the countdown!

    Oh, and Carina will have to give you a tour of all that goes on here with the animals and the barn. She knows how to run this place better than me!

    Jude 🙂

  4. Wow… this is crazy!!
    Another Sinclair, back on the scene. You have to lead worship again of course, we’re all looking forward to that again.
    Hope you enjoy your last few weeks there, and hope the trip home is safe(for you, and your luggage)!!

    : |


  5. YEA!!!! Woo-Woo!!! Hooray!!! How exciting!!! However, I know at the same time it will be hard to leave people there too. I am all too familiar w/the routine. But what a nice welcome home you will have and that makes me happy for you. 🙂

  6. I’ll chime in now… I can’t believe you’re going to be home soon. Unfortunately, the thought of that somehow makes me very homesick. Oh well.

    I laughed at Bri’s comment. How vividly I remember walking with you when I was pregnant, both of us with our hands up. Funny funny.

    *sigh* I love you.

  7. Louissa…. I must ask you to do something for me. You see my above comment? Well, the end contains a remark about your luggage ariving safely… but there’s a problem you see. I started that little section with a parenthese, and never added a closing one… it’s just horrible. I was looking through the comments and just couldn’t help but notice(and be bothered) by the horrible typo.

    So therefore Louissa, you have my permission if you will, to edit my comment and fix this monstrosity… in fact, it is a request that you please do so as I can not bare another moment of the torment this disgrace has brought upon me.

    Ok, my friend made fun of me and won’t stop. I’m sure Nsancy and Nsncy know how I feel.


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