. . .about how much i loathe small talk. which means i don’t start very many new relationships. which means that since my church grew a great amount during the time i was gone i don’t know half of the people now, but i don’t much care. which means that now the Lord is conveniently using almost very conversation i have to convict me of my lack of caring attitude.

. . .about how Barbra Streisand is my comfort music. i washed the dishes and sang along to my favorite song tonight. that is, while my Dad sorted mail and my sister wrote in her journal. my family is wonderful — they put up with my singing anytime.

. . .about how incredibly cool my mom (and sister — but you expect this from a seventeen year old) is. twelve days is too long. it’s easier to be the one leaving than to have others leave me.

One thought on “thinking

  1. i love barbara streisand. it’d be fun to listen to you sing along. i like the picture you gave. what song were you singing?

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