the requested update

the alarm goes off at 7:30.  i finally get out of bed around 7:45.  after a quick jump in the shower, clothes are put on for the day, and i’m downstairs by 8:10.  i reach in the cupboard for the biggest mug i can find all the while annoyed with myself for my morning ritual of drinking the dark deliciousness and feeling rather dependent.  after eating a piece of toast or a piece of shortbread or a bowl of cereal or some fruit or whatever it is i find that morning, at 8:25 i run back upstairs to brush my teeth, grab my bag, and then i head out the door.

i sit at a desk for the next seven hours answering phones, typing, and using a mouse that makes a knot tighten on the left side of my neck even more everyday.  i then walk home, change into tights, a skirt, a tanktop, grab my ballet shoes and leave the house.  i dance and sing for the next two hours, sweating profusely in a room on the second floor with no AC, frustrate myself with my dreadful pirouettes, have headaches from being dropped on my head by a boy, and really enjoy every minute of it.

i come home tired and dirty and a bit worn.  i go to bed already dreading the sound of the alarm that i will, like every other morning, ignore for the first fifteen minutes.

and so goes my world.

2 thoughts on “the requested update

  1. I’m glad to hear you love every minute of it. Can you think of any more fun way to get all sweaty and exercise for all that time? Not me!
    And don’t worry about those miserable pirourettes – just get around as far as you can and twist once again for the rest of the turn. It will hardly be noticeable!

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