absolutely nothing & positively everything.

today i went to work.  that is my life.  ask what i’m up to these days and my answer will most definitely be work related.  that’s what i do and that’s what keeps me busy.  in fact, i work most of the time that i’m awake.  my inbox is mostly full of emails labeled under ‘church office.’  when i have an evening at home, i find myself sub-consciously thinking of work projects, emails to respond to, events to plan, and things to take care of.  i work.

i blog.  i started with diaryland then went to unskewed which was followed by xanga and finally i landed here at my own domain.  when i was in high school blogging seemed to be the cool thing to do — all my friends were doing it.  we read each others boring entries of “today i did school, then mowed the lawn…” and commented on them constantly.  somehow the number of people my age continuing to blog dwindled and now it’s me, the coolest moms in the world, and computer geeks who keep the blog world spinning.  it’s gotten so i feel a bit like the minority.  when i mention i blog to people my age — well, sometimes i’m even laughed at.  i’m not a mom and i’m not a computer geek so what am i doing with this online way to be emo and spill my guts to the world (that’s what a 20 year old is supposed to do witha  blog, right?)?  someone get me a baby or get me updated on the newest code language so i feel like i fit in again!

homeschooling has its cons and today i learned one of them.  what is it?  there’s no real classroom.  nope.  the classroom is generally the kitchen table.  so when teaching your 4th grader anatomy, think carefully about what you’re doing before you place a child size body on your kitchen wall and then ask him to slowly start pasting body parts that he/she must color and cut out.  lets just put it this way — my little brother (who is the 4th grader) has slowly been building a body his size and has glued a brain, heart, two kidneys, a corn on the cob looking body part (looks like i should go back to 4th grade), stomach, etc. onto this paper person whose home is the kitchen wall next to the table.

this evening i was sitting and enjoying an amazing scrumptious meal from her (a pro about having your mumsie leave for a month — people take pity on motherless children and bring them food) with my two youngest sisters, talking, laughing, and having a splendid time when one of my glances toward a sister happened to bring into focus this paper man on the wall.  i quickly noted that our little boy in the family had “learned” a new body part in school today and had to paste a new piece onto the paper man.  and i quickly decided that not all human body parts should be a part of ones dinnertime.  so to put it plainly, immediately following dinner, i decided to follow God’s lead on His answer when He encountered two naked people and so i made some leaves to cover this naked person who is so awkwardly a huge part of our lives right now.

if you’re homeschooling and going to do an extensive study on human anatomy, don’t leave your projects on the kitchen wall.  it’s just awkward.

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  1. Wow, that’s great! That’s up there with some of my funny stories from teaching public school. And about the blogging, don’t worry about that, Louissa. There is a definite release that comes with blogging and putting your thoughts out there for all to see. Sometimes it helps you to process things a little better. Don’t worry about feeling too old or anything because I am 5 years older than you and, not being a huge computer geek, I find myself blogging as well. Keep it up.

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