amidst chaos we’re trying to keep a grip on what today is, what yesterday was, and what tomorrow reminds us of.  it’s been a busy day here at the sinclair house, full of people prone to accidents, shaky legs from said accidents, and watching every step we take and where our hands might be.

in the middle of a first auto accident (that would be my fault), antique chests full of antiques being tipped (not my fault), way too much yeast being put in the cheesebraid (that would be my fault again), and fingers being cut (not my fingers and not my fault) i’m trying to remember the importance.

why is it that we wanted to clean the house in the first place which led to my plowing into my brother-in-law’s car which caused his car to run into their new fence and break it?  why would we want to rearrange our whole house to accomodate 37 people for lunch tomorrow which caused the moving of the antique chest which caused it to tip and break a few favorites?  and why was i the one who volunteered to make our annual easter breakfast food when i obviously shouldn’t have (can we say you shouldn’t do anything after putting a car into drive instead of reverse?) been doing using my hands and mind at all today?

i feel a bit more like i should just go to bed and hope to never wake up again.  i don’t feel very much in a rejoicing mood.  i don’t feel like i know exactly why we’re in the midst of all this hub-bub and causing so many problems.


time to regain my composure and try to get a fresh understanding of why we do this — the importance of tomorrow.  someone, please help me start rejoicing and not just dwelling on my miserable day so far?

i’m trying.  i really am.  maybe by tomorrow morning i’ll be ready.

2 thoughts on “trying.

  1. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry your day hasn’t gone so smoothly. You know all the cliche’s: His mercies are new every morning, bla, bla, bla (not to make light of Scripture, but just *speaking* it doesn’t always change how you feel about weaknesses or problems).

    Truth is, something in us wants to mourn a bit, wallow in the guilt, or just not get over it right away. The past is the past, though, and I wonder if you’ll even remember any of today at some moment next week or month when you’re in the middle of watching a wonderful sunset, laughing with buddies, or singing in a worship service. If it’s not important enough to interrupt those things, then don’t sweat it today.

    Wounds will heal. Favorite things will not last forever, and new favorites will come along. Cars and fences are mendable. Cheesebraids are re-doable if necessary. It’s hearts and spirits that truly need tending. All good things will get the attention they need. Your family makes sure of that.

    Joy comes in the morning. Look for it.
    What a wonderful family you have! (Yes! You included!)

  2. I’m sorry about your very bad, no good, horrible, rotten day. But to me, you are still a girl who can do no wrong. So? A car, a fence, an antique thingy-ma-bob….
    I’m looking at a giving heart, fingers and hands and feet that serve, a humble tear or two…and they all add to to one. very. beautiful. Mo-issa.

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