my nails are painted and they weren’t painted by me.  i have the keys to a car that i didn’t pay a thing for.  i have a new dress hanging in my closet because i just needed something for easter.  i say that i’m totally uninspired to choreograph a song and i’m able to recruit help with a simple (and perhaps a tad bit whiny) request.

i am a rather spoiled girl.  some have told me that i’m the most spoiled in the family.  i’m not sure that i’m the most spoiled, but it is rather ironic that the middle child (yes, i’m smack-dab in the middle) has received and continues to receive so much attention.  as middle child aren’t i supposed to be the most ignored?

spoiled or not, i’m thankful that i wasn’t ever an ignored child (there are none in my family) and i’m thankful that i’ve been so blessed (my word for spoiled).

2 thoughts on “blessed

  1. Spoiled? Naw. You just have a ‘way’ about you. But I am glad that you don’t suffer with the middle-child sydrome.
    🙂 you deserve it all!

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