jury duty! hello jack mccoy!

i received my first jury summons today.  does that mean i’m a legit walking, talking adult who supposedly thinks logically enough to be a part of an actual jury?  guess so.

and i’m either still super young or i’ve watched too many law & order episodes because my first reaction to the piece of mail was excitement.  if i’m remembering correctly, most people are annoyed with this responsibility.  i know, i’m young little girl.  i’m okay with that.

let me get my first jury duty over with and then i’ll join the rest of you annoyed individuals.  until then, i’ll be excited.

3 thoughts on “jury duty! hello jack mccoy!

  1. I’ve never actually done jury duty. Been able to get out of it every time!

    By the time I got my first jury summons for duty I was already the mother of infants and toddlers. The thought of arranging babysitting and planning supper ahead of time just to do this was NOT of interest. So I was able to be excused every time so far!
    But you go girl! Glad someone wants to do it!!

  2. I once had a student, very nice, very likable, but very much the love-to-party sorority girl. Responsibility was something she wanted to avoid since, of course, that is a burden. After she graduated, she wrote to me about her new job and how great it was. She finished the letter with these words, “Responsibility is fun!”

    Responsibility is fun. You were created to enjoy both.

    Enjoy jury duty.

  3. I had jury duty this summer and had that feeling I’d be picked. Yup. Juror #2. By the end of the week, we had declared guilty and the person is now serving 30+ years in prison.

    It was an interesting process to be a part of…and I’ll admit, a little exciting 🙂

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