just a thought.

you do not care that in a dreamlike trance i shut my alarm off this morning and slept an hour more, giving me a grand total of 25 minutes to ready myself for the day.  and it probably doesn’t matter to you that i sat in my office chair for 8 hours and they whizzed by like never before.  i’m guessing it wouldn’t interest you to say that upon arriving home, i cleaned my bird’s cage, washed down a bathroom, tidied a bedroom, and managed to get three loads of laundry in.  and you would only get jealous to learn that i just ate a slice of delicious apple pie.


perhaps you will care/it may matter/this might be interesting/and you’ll probably get jealous [again] to learn that i also booked a ticket to see the best friend down in texas.  oh yes.  almost three weeks and i will be there in her dear little house, meeting her dear little roommates, and seeing a place i’ve never seen before.

and once again, i’m here being a continual reminder to myself and everyone else, that life is quite ironic.

as a six year old girl i watched Little Women in a great big theater (first time in a movie theater).  i was raised on such literature and these books made into films were our favorites.  and i saw myself in Beth for most of my life –  i never had a desire to go and be too much of anything.  i was far too comfortable at home with by my biggest cheerleader, the mumsie.  when there was talk of Sinclairs traveling and conquering much in life… well, i wasn’t usually the one being talked about.

but here i am today, almost to my 23rd birthday, and so many places have been visited and seen.

i could end by throwing my hands in the air and laughing at how ironic my life has been with all its complete opposites of everything i had planned, but it doesn’t end with this unsatisfactory thought.  it’s more that there’s a God who isn’t bound by our fears and insecurities, but instead chooses to use them to prove to us and the world that with Him, we can do anything.  and that is a satisfying final thought.

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