pass the vitamin C

after claiming such a strong immune system for so long (hey, all the bugs & strep that went through the family in the last few years somehow bypassed me — strong immune system), weeks ago i fell prey to the wretched flu that ravaged everything and everyone (and i’m slightly dramatic).  for days i curled up in a bed down in the ‘ole lone star state to be followed by a few more days of bed here in small town, us of a.

finally feeling healthy again (albeit a bit tired), i thought i had filled my sickness quota for 2011.

but last night something hit again.  hours of chills, an aching head, and sore throat meant little sleep was had during the night hours.  and today?  there was a pathetic attempt to work in the office for 2.5 hours (where i think i totally confused the ups delivery man since i wasn’t my usual jovial self) only to give up, come home, and sleep for four hours this afternoon.  and i still feel terrible.

fine.  lesson learned.  i’ll start taking vitamins on a daily basis to boost my immune system.  i won’t brag about how i don’t have to do anything and i still remain safe from everything that hits those around me.  but please, sickness, go away.  i hate being sick.

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