what i’ll be like when i’m 70

phew.  april 26 here and i’m still alive.  at the beginning of this month i wasn’t sure i would make it, but i’m here, only 4 more to live through, and then blessed, wondrous, amazing may is here with only the first two weeks chock full of activities and responsibilities for me.

i’ll slow down when i’m 70.  promise.

all that to say — i feel as though my brain hasn’t done much thinking.  but i will tell you this…

…two of the three articles of clothing i’m wearing today have tags that say american eagle outfitters on them. sometimes i feel like a walking advertisement for them and i’m not quite sure how i feel about this.  i’ll say this: the clothes are cheap, a guaranteed fit for me, and um, well, trendy.  and sometimes i can’t resist my want to be a teenybopper.  just remember, someday i’ll be 70.  i’ll get rid of me AE wardrobe then (although i may still wear my 80s dress).

…the bike tire was purchased.  okay, it wouldn’t have been unless the jess girl (should-be sister) hadn’t taken my little blue car to our local savior, wal-mart, and picked one up for me.  is the flat tire on the bike still on the bike?  well, yeah.  i’m just waiting for a saturday that doesn’t have a church event that i need to attend or a holiday the following day that requires lots of prep at home to tackle the job.  then i’ll get on my bike again.  and i do plan on riding a bike at age 70.  i’ll be that hip.

…today i sat at my office and the dear friend sat through multiple outbursts consisting of the same few lines that revolved around the three words, “life is strange!” ever feel like no day is ever quite as you predicted, that even in the midst of routine you feel like everything is slightly off-kilter, and no matter how many time you remind yourself that this is how the world works, it always takes you by surprise?  i plan on being quite used to it by the time i reach 70.

…people still ask me what i want to do with my life.  every single time they do i wonder when i’ll stop feeling like a 10 year old being given the school assignment to draw a picture of the occupation i want to have when i grow up.  has anyone ever considered that some child might really want to be an office girl when they grow up?  okay, that wasn’t my choice at age 10, but it’s possible!  i just keep telling myself that when i’m 70 nobody will ask that question.  instead they’ll ask, “so what did you do with your life?”  i’m hoping my answer will be, “i was faithful with what the Lord had me do.”

…i shall also give away cookies that are too brown on the bottom, wear blue eyeshadow, and always have candy in my handbag to give away to little kiddies when i’m 70.

being 70 will rock.

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