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i’m continuing to tell myself not to do it, but i’m about to push publish on this very newsy type post. i’m afraid that’s what you’ll be getting for the next little bit. partly because all this is what i’m thinking about, processing, and learning, because most of you, dear readers, are now far away, and because although i’m perfectly content with a very quiet house, i find that when i sit down here, all i want is to give you a conversation of sorts. so, i guess i’ll just publish away. you can read if you want or skip if you could care less about the details of my new life.

it’s a banana bread toast & coffee sort of morning. the sun greets the front of my house every morning, spilling into the dining room, music room, bedroom, and kitchen. there is nothing that makes me happier than to sip my coffee and see orangey pink light coming in.

i live in a very bright house. the windows are plentiful and the sun has happily kept me company these last few days. i would like to think that it’s fitting since color also abounds under this roof. even before i had been introduced to this specific house, i knew that i wanted my home to be one that would make people happy when they entered. apparently my friends and family know me well and know that lots of color makes me exceedingly glad so now, my home is being filled with gold, blue, green, orange, and red trinkets and dishes — and it is so very happy.

my social calendar is busier than it’s ever been before. monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday this week have been/will be filled with visits and a shopping trip with other girls. dinners are being scheduled with various other individuals from my new church and i’m shocked at how quickly all this getting-to-know-people is taking place. it makes me exceedingly happy as well. i wouldn’t want this beautiful house to simply be occupied by me during the day and the husband at night. i wanted people to feel like they can stop in, hang out for a bit, drink a cup of tea, and enjoy my kitchen island for awhile. the good news is that i’ve been home for only a week and they already do.

i applied to work part time at a diner down the street from my house. it’s true that i’ve always wanted to be a waitress at a small town diner, get to know the locals, and pour terrible cups of coffee. so, i applied and am waiting to hear if they want me a few days out of the week. i’m crossing my fingers and hoping i get it since i’m way too excited about this job.

did i mention that i have beginning pianists wanting lessons as well? and that this household of two averages a load of laundry a day (way more than i anticipated)? and that i have the prettiest church and old school building across the street from my house? and that all the neighbors have been so friendly, introducing themselves when i’m out for walks and dropping housewarming gifts off? and that i simply adore making food for my husband? and that my coffee mug is empty?

it’s true, the mug is now empty. and no toast on the plate. and that makes me think that i should be done with this update and really start my day.

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  1. Whoa, what?! I stopped by tonight after finally re-finding your blog and YOU’RE MARRIED?! Yay for you and a big congratulations to you both!! Do we ever get to hear the full story? Please? 🙂

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