it’s snowing outside. big, fat, slushy snowflakes that instantly disappear when they come in contact with the earth. it is everything beautiful. and right now i don’t mind one bit that with the snow comes long cold, dark days. it’s simply beautiful today and i’m simply content knowing i have a full day at home and i don’t have to go out in the snow.

i don’t have much to say this morning, but i did want to tell you how much i like my new life and what i do. i love being at home. i enjoy the cleaning, the laundry, the organizing, the decorating, the having dinner ready every evening at 5:30pm — the taking care of someone. perhaps you’re surprised but i’m not. i knew that i would love this.

and today i shall do those things and settle my guest room officially for a rather lengthy visit from my canadian beauty. i like that i’m making this a home not just for the husband and me, but also for those who will come and stay — no matter how brief the visit. i like that so very much.

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