a little tabolt in the making!

i started out on this crazy journey toward marriage by writing these words:

sometimes the best things in life come as a complete surprise, when you least expect them, when you’re not even looking for them.

i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: i was surprised by the meeting of my now husband, was surprised by how certain i felt early on, and surprised by how quickly everything played out; i met him and 6.5 months later we were married. i was always told that when you know, you know, and i guess i now prove that to be true.

i knew and he knew and we were two people who weren’t going to waste any time.

i guess that’s just us and how we live life because again, a mere 6.5 weeks into being married, we find ourselves quickly heading towards another big landmark in life.

and again i’m being surprised by another best thing in life.

most nights as we fall asleep his hand finds my stomach. many prayers are whispered throughout the day for the new life that is being knit together within me. less is done around the house and more sitting with my eyes closed to settle my upset stomach happens (and i’ve been fighting other sickness as well. don’t do that. ever.).

it’s true, we discovered a few weeks ago that our family of two will be a family of three come this late july. a little tabolt is on it’s way!

i recently met a woman who grew up in our house from the 40s-60s. she told tales of what life used to be like in this old home with only one bathroom upstairs and seven small bedrooms that were stifling hot during summer nights. she said it was a perfect place to be raised and that it should be filled with life again. she would be happy to know that we are quickly seeing this happen. this home will know the joy of a child again and we shall know the sparkling new joy of being a mama & daddy. our hearts could not be happier.

first a wife and now a mama!

i just want to know one thing: when did i become old enough for all this?

11 thoughts on “a little tabolt in the making!

  1. Congratulations, friend! I expected this to happen early on, but now that it’s official I suppose I’ll stop recommending you as my office replacement at Beaver Camp ;0)

  2. Congratulations Louissa and Josiah! How very excited you both must be. There is nothing like being a mama Louissa, I know you´ll absolutely love it and revel in the role. Our very best wishes to you. May God richly bless you. Love in Christ, Tom and Deb Spyker

  3. Wow! Congratulations! The first ten years of marriage and motherhood seemed like a magical delight of playing house for me. Sure, the responsibilities were heavy but until this year I didn’t think myself old enough, just a cool, young chick hanging out with her chicklets! My first baby came nine months to the day of our wedding…see if you can match that! 😉

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