looking a bit like christmas

sometimes i stay in my pajamas until very late in the day. sometimes i make pumpkin bread, do laundry, clean my kitchen, and sit and blog in my pajamas. sometimes i pack the husband lunch and send him off for the day with a kiss in pajamas. sometimes i catch myself whispering, “is this really my life? do i really get to do this everyday?”

today is one of those sometimes.

but other news from the green home:

our christmas tree was picked and cut this past saturday morning. in the midst of me scarfing down saltine crackers we walked through a field in search of the perfect tree. and it was found. we only had to cut off a bit from the bottom and a teeny bit from the top to make it fit in our house.

if i didn’t have a favorite room before, i do now. a fireplace, piano, and giant christmas tree all in one room. can you get anything better?

yes, that yellow chair is sat in a lot.

and because it’s been requested, just the tree. our very, very simple tree.

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