bits and pieces

my life seems rather small these days, which i’m very okay with. there aren’t many/isn’t much demanding my attention and i’m perfectly happy to go from one day to the next in this quiet fashion i’ve recently discovered. i realize that it will eventually pick up so for now i’ll enjoy my slow mornings of sipping coffee, watching the world come to life, while i wonder what i’ll busy myself with today.

the yellow delight made the big move a few weeks ago. i felt horrible taking her away from the daddy & mums who have become so fond of that bird hanging in their kitchen. but after receiving threats from siblings that they were going to either release her into the wild or poison her if i didn’t remove the squawking noise from the big white house with a red roof, i decided to separate them. she is now in my kitchen and the topic of conversation whenever there are visitors. who knew?

the husband boasts that there hasn’t been one “babe, i burnt dinner” in our 8.5 weeks of being married. and there hasn’t been. until last night. i burnt our rice to a crisp. it would be okay if for some reason i had never made rice before but i’ve been making it since… for as long as i can remember. but there it was — burnt, crunchy rice with our beef & broccoli stir-fry. yum.

i thought that i was well prepared for everything pregnancy related since i happen to have been surrounded by pregnant women and babies my whole life. stretching skin, aching bones, labor horror stories — i grew up hearing it all (working in an infant nursery at a church is where it all starts. watch out for those places.). i realize now that i don’t have a clue. there are things nobody told me. for example —

how it is possible that the stomach can start thickening much earlier than you think it should and by 8 weeks you’re unable to button your high waisted dress pants and you find yourself on your knees thanking God for all your hideously evil low rise jeans.

how early you start waking once a night to use the bathroom (isn’t that supposed to happen later in the pregnancy?) and the voice inside your head reminds you that this is only the start of many, many wake-ups.

and how very, very, very tiring it is to have a little person be formed within you, and how it seems that everyone around you is laughing at you saying that this really is only the start, which only makes you want to cry since you’ve never been so tired before.

no, i don’t know a thing.

but i’ll be going back to my quiet day now. they really are the loveliest. you’re more than welcome to join me at anytime if you need a rest and time away from the normal craziness of life.

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