Today I’ve worn leggings. All day. They weren’t intended to be worn that long when I first slipped into them this morning, but as the day progressed they just seemed to be needed. You ever have one of those days? You know, the kind where you need comfortable clothing?

Today I also put one of The Husband’s Babe, Please Don’t Put This In The Dryer shirts through a cycle in the dryer. I also toasted the granola bars to a crisp rather than bake them till they were chewy. I attempted a try at pumpkin bars that ended with me tossing the entire pan of hardened-around-the-edges-and-gooey-in-the-middle-pumpkin-bars away. I only got around to vacuuming and sweeping my floors but not mopping them. And the house project that I was going to start today that’s rather needed with cold weather coming? Yeah, didn’t even get started.

All that ended with me sitting on my kitchen floor, leggings on with my 80’s socks bunched around my ankles, sobbing to The Husband who was at work, “I’m just tired. I’ve tried not to be tired since I could have another two months to go in this pregnancy, but I just am.” (I’m also not at all dramatic.)

Well, the meltdown happened after I threw the pumpkin bars away and thought of the 4 perfectly good eggs I had just wasted (along with other ingredients but The Husband enjoys his eggs).


Do you ever have one of those moments?

The good news is that we ended up with a free evening at home. I tried my hand again at my mama’s pumpkin bars and they came out beautifully (birthday celebration can continue tomorrow night). An old piece of furniture that’s been in our basement was brought up, cleaned off, and is part of our home now. I can go to bed at 9pm if I need. And I’ve not had to change out of my leggings to leave my house.

It’s been a lovely, relaxing sort of evening. Do you ever have one of those?

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