our home

Word is traveling so I thought I would confirm for those wondering if the whispers you’ve heard are true —

It looks like we may be selling our home soon.  I didn’t say anything to anyone since you never are sure until the final, final, final signature is written and money is in hand, but both the potential buyer and my husband have jumped through the hoops necessary and now we wait.

We knew it would happen at some point, but it’s still sad. Every time we go back I stare a little longer at my small flower garden that’s really turning into something, I lay in bed and watch the sun rise through the window to my right and enjoy every second, and we linger a bit longer before locking the door and driving away.

Our beautiful, wonderful, loved home. The one The Husband made for us.


We hoped it would sell. We prayed it would sell. We needed it to sell in order to continue moving forward in this next season God has placed us in, so with the sadness there’s also excitement (and too many hours online searching for a house or apartment that would be perfect for the next little bit).

Be where you are.

We are here now. Not in our green home. And we’re ready to be.

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