morning chatter

The house is silent right now. Well, not completely because my Baby and I are up. But The Daddy is still sleeping after pulling a very late night doing remodeling work for a friend, and the rest of the house? I guess they’re all zonked, too.

It’s just the two of us. He’s in “his” high chair (that really belongs to my mom but he’s claimed it quite nicely these last 4+ months) and I’m beside him. I drink my coffee, he drinks his almond milk (because I’m like that), and I dip his cereal bar snack in my coffee for him before each bite (because I’m also like that). As he eats and I watch, he chatters away; the only two words I understand being Mommy and Daddy. They warm my heart every single time I hear them in the midst of the rest of his baby talk. This boy makes my life so wonderful.

Our house officially sold yesterday and the new owners moved in. We are now all-in looking for a new place for our little family. Showings are being scheduled and Craigslist is watched daily. Saying goodbye to our loved home was hard. So hard. But this searching to locate a new place to make home? It’s exciting.

We walked through Lowes last night for The Husband to get a few things required for his remodeling job last night. We both miss having projects and a place to transform. Perhaps we’re odd, but Lowes made us very excited to make another house completely us and ours.

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  1. Not odd at all. We still love projects and I would rather spend hours browsing at home improvement stores, and dreaming of future projects, than shop for clothes any day.

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