new home!

Tonight will be the fifth night in a row sleeping in our new little house. This is the longest stretch yet despite the fact that we moved in a month ago. But life’s like that.

Life’s full of good family time and vacations and time off and so many days together.

No, I’m not complaining about the busy month spent here there and everywhere, but I’m also not complaining that here we are, with no plans of going anywhere anytime soon. Days and nights to settle, finish emptying boxes, organize our belongings into a house half the size we came from, and find a new sort of normal. Over six months after our move and not much feels normal yet. And I’m sure there’s a lesson there, but for now I’ll just worry about making a home for my family and then figure out what I should have learned this last half a year.

In case you missed it somehow, this cute place is our rental for at least this year:


It is cozy and warm and situated right in the middle of one of the few happening towns in this county. I am so incredibly grateful we sold our last house and no longer have that hanging over our heads, and I’m grateful for this little place opening up.

Photos have been requested by a few and although the upstairs is still in the process of being sorted out, our downstairs is slowly becoming our home.

Living room:



Dining room:


This is the photo which reminds you that this place is quite lived in already (which is partly what makes it a home, right?). Family room/Office (And really, my child does wear clothes! This was taken after a dinner which included yogurt which also includes removal of all clothes afterward with this kid):


One corner of the kitchen which I look at and think, “Ah. Finished… for now.” (When are you ever completely finished?):


And because I don’t even know how I produced a 21-month-old who is so innately cool:


I’m here. In our new home. With the best, best, best man in the world and a boy who brings me such great joy. And this house will be where we welcome the fourth to our mix. How I am blessed!

3 thoughts on “new home!

  1. Louissa,

    What a sweet and lovely home you have!

    “…don’t know how I produced a 21 month old who is so innately cool” — you’re so funny!

    We so enjoy your sweet family!

    D F

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