The Farm

I seem to only take the time for this space when big life changes happen. Well, the selling of our “town” home and purchase of our country home feels significant. Three years ago we looked and looked and looked for the country home of our dreams but couldn’t find it. We settled on a home in the village which we saw the potential to flip. So many have said, “But the work you did on that place!” Yes, a lot of time and energy went into improving that home, but we never saw ourselves there longterm. Well, we hoped we wouldn’t be there longterm. Several conversations ended with, “But there’s nothing in the country that we like so perhaps this is it. And we can be okay with that.”

Would you believe it if I said that Grannis Brook Farm sort of fell in our laps? I wouldn’t normally either. But it did earlier this Spring. We’ve talked the last 5.5 years of space and quiet, and the talk has only increased as our children grew. And here we are. We’ve been here for a week. A week in our quiet place of peace & rest. That’s what it feels like. It’s open (so spacious), and when you sit on one of the rocking chairs on the porch, all you hear is the brook that runs through the back of the property and the birds singing. I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness. I see two things in the gift of this place: God’s goodness and my husband’s hard work to get his family the thing we wanted for our children.

Our boys are outside from first thing in the morning to when they go to bed. They run around like crazy, ride their bikes all over the place, play in the few inches of water that is the brook (perfect for littles!), and love waking to find deer or turkey on the property. We feel incredibly, incredibly blessed.

Walls need to be painted, we don’t even have enough furniture to fill the house, and we are hardly “settled”, but it’s meant for visitors. So please, let us know when you’re on your way. I’ll brew the coffee and we can sit on the porch rocking chairs together while children play in the water. This place makes one feel as though time is standing still. And we could all use a little bit of that in our busy world.

The quality of these photos is just plain awful (and when viewed on a mobile device, the last two photos are upside-down!). I don’t know why (although I desperately need to do an update on this old blog — is that it???), but I’m not as savvy as I once was and time is so limited these days that I can’t seem to justify spending an hour of a day to figure things out again. Forgive me and the quality of the following images of The Farm (as the previous owners called this wonderful property):







2 thoughts on “The Farm

  1. I’ll be joining you on that porch in a rocker soon, I do hope!!!

    And isn’t it amazing, the varied adventures in which He leads each one! We merely need to trust His faithful and loving Hand guiding us in the way. Love this and love you and yours!

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