A quiet Sunday afternoon.

If you were here, I’d ask if want a slice of leftover Rhubarb & Mixed Berry Slab Pie. The crust is a tad bit soggy — it being leftover from yesterday and all — but it’s still quite tasty. It’s a little chilly outside so I don’t think sitting on one of our rockers would be as cozy as sitting in the living room with a blanket around your shoulders. I’m out of half & half (oh my!), but you could have coffee or tea without!

If you were here, you’d probably ask how living in this new house is going; am I settling in and feeling at home? (It’s what most people ask me these days.) We are not completely settled and there are some rooms completely untouched. We started painting our dining room two weeks ago and it still isn’t finished. Life has continued with all the activities and demands it brings, and I am desperately trying to figure out the balance between being a good mom and not stressing over projects to the point of ignoring my little ones and being grumpy AND being a good mom by making this place a home and diving into projects and getting to those untouched rooms and boxes.

If you were here, I’d ask how you are, what’s the latest with you, how’s life treating you, what’s exciting to you these days, what’s frustrating, etc. I’m pretty good at initial small talk and not good at the next level of small talk, and honestly, I don’t really care for small talk anyway and would much rather hear how you’re really doing.

If you were here, I’d tell you about the simplicity of this morning’s sermon and how it’s sometimes the simplest ideas that you most desperately need. My brother, who just returned from a 3 week trip of ministry in Spain, shared some lessons he learned over there that are applicable to everyone. I was challenged afresh to seek the Lord a little harder, take the days I’m given a bit more seriously, value the children I’ve been called to invest in, and create attainable goals to work toward to keep myself focused and steadfast.

If you were here, I’d tell you that last night my bed had four people in it. Again. And we all slept terribly. And eventually Josiah moved to Adrian’s bed. And the rest of the night I had two sets of little feet digging into my ribs (thanks, Adrian & Josephine). And I think Adrian woke Josephine while I was showering and I walked into the room to take care of the crying baby to find him laying next to her, patting her back, and whispering, “It’s okay, Baby Jo,” and it was the sweetest thing ever and I suddenly wasn’t annoyed about the feet in my ribs and poor sleep.

If you were here, I’d tell you how I’m kind of excited for the fall already. And then I’d laugh at how fickle a person I am — didn’t I JUST WANT SUMMER TO BE HERE only a few months ago? Although we’ve decided it would be best to wait one more year before diving into the whole school thing with our Adrian boy (and I’d tell you how thankful I am for the release to do what seems to fit the needs of your  particular child — no pressure either way! — it’s a wonderful feeling!), the school year brings with it a sense of routine & order and I’m a little bit ready for that. How about you? Still enjoying the summertime feeling of never knowing what day it is?

If you were here, I’d say, “Don’t mind me, but I’ve got some clothes to fold so I don’t start Monday totally behind. Do you mind if I tackle these few loads while we continue chatting?” And then I’d get to it.

One thought on “A quiet Sunday afternoon.

  1. Hi Louissa,

    Even though I don’t really know you very well, I do know what motherhood with several little ones under foot is like and if I were there visiting you, first off I’d ask if I could help you fold some laundry while we chatted. 😀

    Then I’d tell you that when my little ones were so very little, a LOT of older ladies told me to enjoy them while they are little because the time goes by so fast. In my mind the thoughts were something along the lines of “not fast enough. I can’t wait for a time when they can dress themselves, feed themselves, sleep in their own beds….”

    Now I AM that older lady and realize what they were trying to tell me. Yes, the time goes by (fast or slow is a matter of perspective and part of our seasons in life) but now I realize that once that time has passed, it never comes back. It only becomes memories and the memories fade away some. The days that are so routine with meals, washing little faces & hands, dishes, cuddling, laundry, bathing, playing, cleaning, praying are so routine that those memories fade the most.

    And if I were there, the next thing I would do would be to rock your baby so you might have a little time for some chore that’s pressing or so one of the other little ones who needs some attention, can have a few minutes of mom without sister interfering.

    If I were there, you wouldn’t hear me say, enjoy this time because it goes by so fast but you would hear me say remember to make memories. Good memories. Things you can all look back on and say ‘remember when?’ Even in the routine things of life, good memories can be made.

    And finally if I were there, I would say to you, we all look ahead and wish sometimes. The changing of seasons from Summer to Fall to Winter and then again to Spring are so parallel to seasons of life except in life when a season passes, it doesn’t come back around, it moves right on to the next one, sometimes so gradually that we don’t even notice it. I often hear myself saying summers are so busy, I can’t wait for it to slow down come Fall/Winter. But then it comes and before long I’m anticipating the excitement of the busyness again that comes with Summer. I guess what I’m trying to say is, you have your priorities right… sitting in a rocker on the porch, loving on your children, making a house a home (not a showcase but a lived in, welcoming place for your kids to play and learn and grow), focusing on what God would have you do in taking such good care of your growing family.

    There are days where I think that if I could go back, I’d do some things much differently but I cannot go back. I can only look ahead, as it is for all of us. On the other hand, where I lacked in motherhood, God filled in the gaps. My memories seem to be so different from the memories of my children. Not sure how that happens except that a child’s perception is so different from an adults. The little ones have no concept of time and changing seasons and so each day is an adventure to be discovered. We can learn from those little ones more than we know.

    Thanks for inviting me to come and visit with you. I’ve enjoyed hearing your thoughts. I hope you have enjoyed mine, too.

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