warning: another rather pointless entry

she’s asleep beside me while i, once again, stay up too late all because you dear people want pictures of our crazy night (sorry, i don’t even have that many). while you all still talk about that, i can only think of one thing: tomorrow i pack and the next day i fly away. again. before that happens i will try to get over to a yellow house and give kisses to this girl and this big guy, and this precious boy. meanwhile i will try to spend as much time with this boy and this girl and this girl because they are growing up and i’m not around.

oh dear. i think i’m getting rather melancholy.

someone said tonight that they stopped reading my blog a few weeks after i got to germany because i sounded too happy there. some are making bets on whether or not i’ll ever come back home. one individual was rather disappointed when they found out that, as of right now, i don’t plan on being in europe forever. was i happy there? yes. will i come back? probably. will i ever spend more time in europe? perhaps. i don’t have a clue of what’s in store next.

i do know that i’ve loved every second of being home for the last twenty days. i do know that flying back to bodenseehof will be long and hard. i do know that once i get there, i’ll adjust (again) and will be fine. and i do know that i’ll think of the states often.

i could go on. i could write about how the Lord challenged me in many ways today. but since that would bore half of you, i could tell you all the funny little things that have happened since i’ve been on break. but that would bore the other half who are interested in the first option. is there a happy medium? i’m not sure. i do know that while my daddy and i drove home today at 4:40pm, i looked to my right and saw a large whiteish/pinkish circle on the horizon. gazing at it for a few minutes i sighed and said, “what a pretty sunset!” my dad turned to me and said, “umm… that’s the moon.”

5 thoughts on “warning: another rather pointless entry

  1. Smiles. *I had a picture of the moon you could have linked to but as we concluded it really just looked like a dot. :).

    Travel safe and please thank your family for their kindness *having us in your house.


  2. did you see the sky this morning i was so pretty… i am gonna miss you so much! we never got to hang out one on one while you were up.. i’m gonna miss you sooooo much!

  3. had a wonderful time with you louissa…I miss spending time with you…you are so fun to hang around…please come back-and I will check in on your page…even if you are having fun….besides–I need to chill with my other “push-over”………

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