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the washer is still running, two pairs of pants are still missing (i must look in sister’s drawers tomorrow), pictures refused to be burned onto cd’s, i have two suitcases perfectly filled (i wonder how i’ll manage to bring everything home since i have two boxes at school), and i’m exhausted. yes, another late night. i seem to be rather fond of those lately. a little bit ago i was told to go to bed. i was told that if i didn’t i’d be a basket case at the airport tomorrow. i would be even with sleep so why not enjoy this time of being able to sit at my own kitchen table that’s piled high with folded laundry and “borrow” my brother’s laptop for a bit? it’ll be awhile till i’m be able to do this again.

although i hate that this form of communicating has, for me, been a way to inform the general public of the nitty gritty details of my life, i must admit, it’s rather handy. i started a blog at a young age and instead of having many readers who had watched me grow up (or grew up with me), i didn’t have any readers and could write anything i wanted, about whoever, and everything about myself with the most wonderful freedom. i never had to clarify who it was that was in my stories since there was nobody reading who wondered. it seemed better that way — everything was mysterious and nothing was ever fully explained. if one of my few dear readers wanted to know exactly what i meant by a certain post, they had to come and ask. i had almost convinced myself that i felt like a real writer because of all the anonymous people and feigned emotions i felt.

one thing that apparently hasn’t changed is my ability to completely digress.

all of that to say, this means of communicating to everyone is easy for me. with one post, i can inform you of everything that’s going on in my life. and that was all just so that i could say that tomorrow i go back to germany and i’ll be there until september. i know that the original plans had me flying home at the end of march, but life throws curve balls at you every now and then and sometimes plans change. i didn’t decide to just tack on five extra months just for fun or just because i have the money to do so, i’m staying because the school asked me to. i’ll be technically “on staff” there and will be involved in the summer work the school does. i’ll spend my summer with german kids from 13-15. it’ll be amazing.

i’m excited. really, i am. okay, so right now, at this very minute, i am anything but excited. but i will be. don’t worry about me — i’ll get there, adjust back to bodenseehof life, and will be very content because i know that this is what the Lord has me for the next eight months. when i’m done i’ll have spent almost a year in germany. crazy, eh? me, who wasn’t ever going to leave home has now flown how many times? gone to how many countries? and has spent how long in a foreign nation? God is crazy.

that’s it for my “information post”. tomorrow i’ll be gone.

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye…

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  1. hey…i always wondered how to spell auf weidersehn…cool. i miss you too just thinking about it, and I’m not even in potsdam. have a wonderful time. i know you will be greatly missed…esp by that wonderful family of yours all the way down to the little ones.

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