my family.

i know my family is incredibly cool, but what i want to know is: how did j.crew find out?

camilla has two items named after her.

liana has a jacket named after her.

the sinclair name continues to be the coolest.

and just in case you still aren’t convinced of our awesomeness, just go here.


3 thoughts on “my family.

  1. Wow perfect post for me to say that I am going to name my child after you, if its a girl this time. Lol not exactly after you but we like the name and spelling of your name quite a lot. So there ya go, you guys are way wicked awesome! What is your middle name anyway? Maybe I could make it a sort of Jr. lol.


  2. well the companny is named after me, it’s only fitting that certain products would take the name of loved ones. I do what I can.

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