tag. and i’m it.

all this tagging business is so last week. or so two weeks ago. or something like that, but i’m just getting around to it. i wasn’t even going to go along with all this (it makes me feel rather 13 again when i used to fill in the questions to those forwards and then hurt my brain by trying to think of a few people i could then send it to) but since my writing has been lacking and remarks coming my way have started to become more frequent, i’ve decided to tell you 7 random things about myself. after all, writing about myself is what this is all about, right?

1. i ate a grapefruit tonight. i was thirsty, water wasn’t doing the trick (sometimes i hate drinking water), so i decided to try a piece of fresh fruit. it was amazingly refreshing.

2. “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith continues to be one of my favorite songs. and he screams in it. my gift of overlooking aspects of something i love so much just so that i can continue to love it so much amazes me.

3. i’ve grown up going down to Long Island. and every single time we went down one of the kids would ask my dad which bridge we were going to be driving over (listening to the radio to find out what the traffic was like on the bridges was a tradition). up until three days ago i honestly thought that one of the bridges names was “Frogs Neck.” this name makes more sense than the actual name — i mean, who would name something “Throgs Neck?” what is that anyway?

4. sometimes i like to tell toddlers that i’ve been blogging longer than they’ve been alive. it makes me feel old and rather accomplished. or at least like i’ve accomplished something. and that’s a lovely feeling.

5. i’m having a hard time of coming up with things that i think will entertain you. do you think you’d notice if i skipped a number?

6. i have a horrid sense of direction. ask my sister. i went down to Long Island this past weekend with a sister and a friend and we brought my dad’s GPS (we call her Vicky) with us as well. since i was in the passenger seat i somehow was put in charge of routing Vicky, telling her what to do, let her know what we were looking for, etc. i’m not sure how many times i messed her up, messed my sister up (who has a perfect sense of direction) and got myself into a confused mess even though i had a machine with me telling me where we were supposed to be turning.


whenever i go onto a certain campus in a certain town that i’ve grown up in, i carry a map of it.  why?  because i love to look ridiculous of course.  well, actually it’s because i get lost. it’s a confusing campus! yes, i’m the dork who walks around with paper in front of my face because i can’t figure out where Graham Lounge is.

7. i get more spam comments than real comments. yup. it’s lovely.

3 thoughts on “tag. and i’m it.

  1. ..glad you came to long island, it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    ..I should have known that having two Vicky’s in my car would be too much. but think of all the fun!

    ..I thought that you drank chocolate milk when you are really, really thirsty?

  2. I thought the fact that you carried a map around Clarkson was very endearing. Whatever can help you find your way to cell group. lol. Plus I am terrible at directions as well. So no worries.

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