if your fine, then your fine.

i’m on a high.

and just as fast i’m on a low.

this can’t be how a Christian is supposed to walk. my emotions shouldn’t have this much control.

every now and then i get a bit discouraged. that’s discouraging.

my Dad’s really cool. and not just because this picture is his desktop backround. : )

on this blog, i have a total of 1,032 comments. that’s fun.

it’s all how you see it…

14 thoughts on “if your fine, then your fine.

  1. Discouraged by being discouraged–know exactly what you mean. Introspection, it seems, isn’t always the route to spiritual growth. We need Jesus and His grace. And looking in His direction is the only way to true encouragement. He’s all we need!

  2. #1035

    hey…don’t feel bad about being slow. speed is overrated…it fades away. i am sure that you are faster than me – if that makes you feel better. someday we’ll have an “un”race to see who is the slowest!!!

  3. Yeah, it’s not allways fun when our emotions try to control us. I find myself going on that cycle of ups and downs at times. It really makes me appreciate Jesus, because he is so stable. Even if I may not be, he is my stableness so I don’t have to be. And the funny thing is, reminding myself that I don’t have to be strong, makes me stronger. This should be comment #1036. I definately didn’t know when I woke up today that I would be making the 1036’th comment on Louissa.com

    Well Goshdarnit 😉

  4. Like your dad said at church- our emotions are a gift to us, but wow- they’re sure hard to deal with at times.
    Excited for tonight? Have you picked out songs? =P any two will do…. they’re all really awesome. =) 7:07 on the button, right? haha jk.. whenever you can make it- I might just stop by your house first….

  5. Louissa… I’m terribly sorry but I forgot to send you an invitation in the mail when I sent Danica and Brietta one. But… YOU”RE INVITED! ha ha On November 5 at 1:00 i’m having a little get together with some friends at my house. I’d love to have you come! If you can, RSVP by 10/31/05 to me. I’m telling everyone, if they want, to bring their favorite autumn beverage and/or dish to pass.

  6. I figured I’d let you know on here that I like your pic on xanga. I also fin 98 comments is impressive!! Haha- Be sure to give Gabriel Boy a hug for me and tell him I said hi!

  7. Well emotional rollercoasters are a messed up confusing things. What you need girl is some love and support. You are in my prayers.


    p.s. you have the greatest laugh of all time. 😀

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