i no longer reside in room 136 on the third floor. 

i now live in room 125 on the second floor.

i no longer have to walk up as many stairs to get to my room.

i still have the top bed of a bunk bed and still have a habit of kicking off all my covers at night.

i don’t room with nadine, ashley, and janel anymore.

i now room with pascal, alison, and hanna. 

pascal is from israel.  she knows arabic, hebrew, and english.  it’s interesting to hear from her, to hear about life in israel, and to learn how her family spent last summer in jerusalem because of the war and they are planning on doing the same when she gets home from school this year.  her father is a baker and she loves bread and chocolate and laughing and talking and having a wonderful good time.

alison is an american who spent most of her life in italy.  actually, she knows the haller’s since her home in america is in pennsylvania.  alison knows italian, english, and knows french, although she’d tell you that she’s extremely rusty.  she loves italy.  alison plans on going to school in the states for music, art, fashion, or ministry and then will go back to italy.  if one needs a haircut and doesn’t want to go and pay, alison is called.

hanna is our german roommate.  she’ll be going to school this fall for biology.  this week the germans are trying hard to only speak english and so i’m constantly teaching hanna new english words.  we eat chocolate together, borrow everything, and have quickly found out all the quirks about each other.  she doesn’t use nail clippers.  one hand she trims her nails with scissors and the other hand she only uses a file.

there’s a little bit about my new room.

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  1. wow, that’s really interesting about you friend pascal. we are studying about israel and the middle east in school this year, and it has been such an exciting subject.
    i’m glad to hear you’re doing well over there in the land of far far away 🙂

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