day tripping it

two and a half weeks left.

that’s always in the back of my head.  generally this is a reason for rejoicing but at the same time reason for me to try to cram as much as i can into my schedule for this last little bit.  i only have Germany for a few weeks more and i only have these people for the same amount of time.  so this free week has been filled with lounging on the beach, day tripping it, walks in this favorite place of mine, and eating food that i’ll only get here.

at home when we’re bored and need something to do and decide to go away for the day we go to syracuse or lake placid or ottawa or maybe even montreal (well, not me yet, but everyone else in my family went this past summer).  i guess the latter two are rather cool because technically they are in a different country but somehow European countries sound more romantic and magical.

the other day, i went to France for the day.  yeah, as in the place that boasts of the city everyone wants to see and the place where everything fashionable comes out of.  France.  i went there.  just for the day (we’ll ignore the fact that i spent more time on the train that in this country).  it was amazing.

sometimes my life kills me.

so i was there ready to be completely surrounded by their beautiful language (hey, i like it) and be able to browse through all their fun stores and bakeries and everything wonderful, but to my astonishment, they had the audacity to have a holiday the day i was there and everything (except the big restaurants which tourists would eat at) was closed.  i was quite put out.

she is expecting a little girl soon after i land at home.  i went to France with the intention to purchase a gift for this little one while there, but i couldn’t because the said stores were obviously closed during my time of wandering the city.  i wanted to get something from France because every girl wants to wear something from that country and here was the opportunity for me to really spoil one of my babies. 

and not to mention, German clothing is so Amercanized (not a word?  bear with me.) and French fashion is so much more unique.  H&M is the world here in this Deutschland of mine but hello, we have those at home so why would i want to buy things there while i’m here?  after having such a hard time trying to shop for this little man back in December i was forced to buy something that i could’ve purchased back in the good ‘ole USofA and that was the pits.  don’t really want to do that again. 

so i’m still presentless and unfortunately i don’t think i’ll be going to France again anytime soon.

but hey, i ate a crepe while i was there.  that kinda makes up for it, right?  crepes in France — it’s perfect.

4 thoughts on “day tripping it

  1. Hey, crepes in France. Sounds perfect to me, with or without shopping! Love you and hope the best for your remaining days. But stayI must say, I can hardly believe you’ll soon be home to stay – hooray!!!

  2. yeah, I remember feeling kind of this way after I was in Europe for 3 weeks. It was like ‘I only have this for a short time, and I want to do everything I can…but all I can think about is hugging my Dad when I get off the plane. I want to enjoy everything here, but I feel like there’s nothing I could enjoy right now more than a cup of tea on my back porch with my Mom.’

    Wierd, huh? Honestly, enjoy it. And enjoy returning home. Enjoy telling the stories, giving the gifts, laughing a lot and being right back in that familiar place!

  3. you bet ottawa is pretty darn cool. 😉 i just arrived today and hopefully when you get home you can either come here or i can go there because i miss you a lot.

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